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I am a behavioural economist and post-doctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam). Currently, I am on the job market (download my CV here). You can contact me at x2.yu[at]vu.nl

For my PhD, I studied decision theory and behavioural economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute under the supervision of prof. Kirsten Rhode and prof. Peter Wakker. My PhD research had a focus on intertemporal risky choices and applications of using behavioural insights to improve real-world decisions.

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who adopts a wide range of methodologies to investigate a wide range of societal and intellectual problems. For example, my post-doctoral projects span from using nationwide travel data to empirically investigate the short- and long-term societal inequality potentially induced by the pandemic (MOCOLODO), to designing field experiments to disentangle the behavioural mechanisms that promote a sustainable shift away from car dependency.

Apart from being a behavioural economist, I am also interested in research topics that overlap with social psychology, conflict studies, urban studies, and topics that fall under the larger theme of gender inequality (e.g., gender differences in negotiation/communication, intrahousehold power dynamics, gender differences in commuting behaviour). Many of my ongoing research projects are collaborations with researchers from political science, psychology, or/and urban/transport economics. I genuinely care about interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary when it comes to research because I believe important problems in the world require a mix of research toolsets and perspectives. Together with colleagues across the social science panel, I have been actively engaged in writing proposals for national- and European-level research grants. My aspiration as a scientist is to make scientific innovations that matter to humankind.

For an overview of my research, please click here.